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Kim Hyung Jun Meet & Greet In Singapore

As we know, after the Showcase, Maknae also had a Meet & Greet Session. He did autograph signing for the fans. Here's a video clip of the first few minutes of the fanmeet. Thanks LHL! I just love hearing Hyung Jun speak English. He should practice it more often. Kekeke. And thanks to SGTripleS for the live updates in Twitter earlier!
And here are some photos from the Meet & Greet tweeted by SGTripleS. I'm sure more HQ photos will be out soon!

Credits: SGTripleS

And here's a picture of Baby with the host in the Meet & Greet Session, Radio 1003 DJ Ah Ken.

Credits: DJ Ah Ken’s facebook page + Baidu

Credit: Pretty Boy

duminică, 29 august 2010

          SS501 Kim Hyung Jun- fan meeting in Singapore

       Dupa transferul lui Kim Hyung Jun la o noua agentie, el a plecat in Singapore unde va avea loc prima activitate solo.   

Pe data de 28 august, agentia lui Hyung Jun SPlus Entertainment a anuntat ca Hyung Jun a primit un apel care vine din Singapore pentru a tine un fanmeeting acolo si chiar in aceeasi zi dupa amiaza ,Hyung Jun a luat cursa spre Singapore si se asteapta intoarcerea lui pe 30 august.
Kim Hyung Jun se va bucura de un timp placut impreuna cu aproape 3000 de fani. El va tine un spectacol unde va canta "Girls","Venus women,Mars men" si "I am".

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun a zis:" De fapt sunt foarte emotionat in legatura cu plecarea in Singapore pentru ca este prima data acolo.Chiar daca  este o scurta perioada de timp ,sunt nerabdator sa merg acolo pentru ca este un loc pe care am vrut sa-l vizitez si de asemenea voi fi alaturi de fani!"

P.S. Noi iti uram succes, Hyung Jun Baby!Fighting!

joi, 26 august 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Joins S-Plus Entertainment

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun [S-Plus Entertainment]

K-pop idol group SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon has signed with actor Kang Ji-hwan's agency S-Plus Entertainment, making him the third member of the five-man band to join a new talenthouse.

S-Plus made the announcement through a press release on Friday, saying the firm "will provide its unstinting support to Kim Hyung-joon so he may pursue his activities in all fields of entertainment including singing and acting beyond Asia."

Also, addressing constant rumor and speculation that his group will disband after each member goes their own ways, S-Plus stated that "one thing to make most clear is that Kim's signing with the company does NOT at all mean a breakup of SS501."

S-Plus explained that being able to sustain his activities as a member of the band was one of the first issues Kim raised while negotiating on the contract. "The company respects Kim's opinion 100 percent...... We will emphasize once again that Kim will first and foremost actively take part in his activities as a member of SS501."

The other members who have signed with new agencies -- Kim Hyun-joong with KEYEAST and Park Jung-min with CNR Media -- as well as their new reps, have all stated SS501 will not disband.

Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon is a major shareholder of KEYEAST and CNR Media is a firm set up jointly by major Taiwanese drama producer Comic-Ritz and Korea's ROY MEDIA.

Other members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong too have yet to make a decision.

SS501 has been one of the most popular bands in Korea and in several countries in Asia since forming in 2005. Their contract with DSP Media ended in early June.

15-Minute Preview Of Mischievous Kiss

Here's a longer preview of Mischievous Kiss! 15 minutes!


Superb..abia astept sa apara!

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Fans Jealous Over The Female Sales Staff Park Jung Min Hired

Fans jealous over the female sales staff Park Jung Min hired

SS501 members Park Jung Min announced that he signed a contract under the collaboration between Chai Zhi Ping and CNR Media from Korea. The fashion shop [Royal Avenue] that he managed is recently working on expanding to China Market, what he didn’t expect is, the female sales staff that he employed from China, was being mistaken as his girlfriend by fans and they are launching searches about her.

Park Jung Min working together with [The mother of dramas] Chai Zhi Ping, fans are all eager to see new works from them soon. But management company ordered : [Can’t speak Chinese well, no way to act in any show!], with that, he is now learning Chinese in Korea with a private language teacher. The teacher is from Taiwan, thus the Chinese that he speaks comes with a little Taiwanese accent. He can’t help but whined a little on his microblog in English :[I have to master more of Chinese language, it’s really difficult.]

Although Park Jung Min was brought to fame as a member of SS501, he has already bought a property and car for his family. Now he’s able to work for his own individual career. Other than acting, he also managed an online shopping mall. He also hired a female staff helping him with his expanding his business in China. What he didn’t expect is the fans to get jealous over it, investigating on her family background and everything. Management company clarified:[ She’s only a normal sales staff, the fans have mistaken about it.]

Kim Hyung Jun @ Live Webcast Of Music High 08.24.10

Here are a few screencaps of Maknae during his live webcast of Music High last August 24. He's such a cutie. He sang along with their song FIGHTER. Watch the clip below. Thanks to LHL for sharing! You can catch the whole show without subs in poohmuhigh's YT channel.



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Mischievous Kiss 2nd Teaser Is Out!

A 2nd teaser for Leader's new drama, Mischievous Kiss is out! The airing will be on September 1, just one more week!


Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeet In Malaysia Postponed!

The fanmeet of Hyung Jun in Malaysia is postponed! Geneses Dream Entertainment issued an apology to everyone. How many of you are bummed about the postponement news? For those who have already bought tickets and booked flights, I'm sure you guys are disappointed. I know how it feels. Rebooking of flight tickets are not only expensive, but a drag. Oh well, unfortunate things like this can happen guys, but at least it's not canceled. After the initial irritation, accept the changes, and be excited again, because you're still gonna be seeing our Maknae Hyung Jun! As for those who are not attending because the initial date is too soon, are you guys attending because of the date being moved?

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Suggestions, Questions & Comments



 Vrei sa.ti spui parerea despre blog ,despre trupa ta favorita ,sa ne intrebi ceva sau ne propui ceva -->  Post Comment si in cel mai rapid timp posibil cineva va lua legatura cu tine sau iti va raspunde la intrebari.




Kim Hyun Joong 'The First Love Story' – Bali Location Report No. 4

2010.08.24 Tuesday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” – Bali Location Report No.4

Treating his lover with his best homemade dish.

After 2pm, the location was moved to No.22 villa to shoot the scene of Hyun Joong treating his “lover” with his homemade dish.
However there was an unexpected incident here.

There are only forks but no knives in the kitchen.

Hyun Joong was not bothered about this and started cutting the pineapple with the fork.

Cutting the pineapple with a fork as there were no knives.

But as expected, it was a hard fight.

Eventually, a staff arrives with a large knife.

Hyun Joong saw the staff crouching down while entering the kitchen as not to affect the shooting, sounding composed and made a remark.
“Seems like a thief has entered…..entering once in while”
Even over here, bursting out with “Hyun Joong’s Talk”.

It will soon be sunset. Shooting of the driving scene starts on the sports car that came late.

The last shoot for the 2nd day was the car scene heading to Pecatu Indah resort.

Even over here, there was an unexpected accident.

Supposingly to shoot Hyun Joong in the sports car racing away down the road but all were waiting for the main sports car which has not arrived yet.

This has to be taken before sunsets else the shooting schedule will be a mess.

Though the temperature isn’t low but in terms of season, it is winter thus it start turning dark at 6pm.
Due to the language barrier, there is an argument with the local staff and the director was starting to feel irritated
Right before sundown, the Benz sports car finally appeared and the shoot ended with all the staff feeling relieved.
The staff holding the large knife burst out laughing together with everyone.

Impressed with his quick witted remark.

With the flow of the clouds the sky and sea changing every second.
Hyun Joong’s expression also change with variations.

3rd day of the shoot on 30th.

Today’s main shoot is on the cruise.
Kim Hyun Joong first memorable DVD & Photo Book, “The First Love Story”.
What kind of image will be shown, having great expectations for it.

Ignoring the waves splashing against his knees
while continuing with the photo shooting.

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New Photos From Mischievous Kiss Website

Are you guys excited for the drama?! Just a few more days! Here are new photos from the official website.


nd here are some screen caps from the Mischievous Kiss teaser, click on them to ENLARGE. You can use them as wallpapers. They'd look good in your desktop!

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Kim Hyung Jun Singapore Fanmeeting Details

Kim Hyung Jun ne invita la fanmeetingul din Malaezia.

Hi fani puteti face cunostinta cu Hyun Jun pe 29 august la Singarope !
Kim Hyung Jun Singapore Showcase

Kim Hyun Joong Back In Seoul After Successful BOF Alumni Events

  Lederul nostru este înapoi acasa de azi! Şi el este în căutarea de bine ca de obicei! El poartă un rucsac foarte casual , o cămaşă simplă,  blugi, şi o pereche de papuci.  Numai Hyun Joong  poate scoate in evidenta aceasta tinuta simpla si .. încă mai este si uimitoare.  
Bine ai revenit acasă!