vineri, 10 septembrie 2010

Playful Kiss Official Interview Of Main Leads

         Hyun Joong never fails to amaze me in his interviews. He has a knack for answering questions! He can give answers that are both smart and funny! I especially loved the part when he said: "I want to be Baek Seung Jo because he is a genius with an IQ of higher than 200. As for Yoon Ji Hoo, I'm very satisfied with Yoon Ji Hoo's family & wealth situation *smiles*. If I could be like both of them, that would be wonderful. Yoon Ji Hoo & Baek Seung Jo... However I can only be KIM HYUN JOONG" *smiles* Awww, and that smile is melting me... I laughed at the part when he said that in the sleeping scene w/ Ha Ni in Playful Kiss, he felt like he acted better than any other actor/actresses. That's because he was really sleeping for real! Hahaha! 4D Leader!!!

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